Croatian Grammar: Plural exercises

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In our blog post about forming plural versions of Croatian nouns we wrote that you have to determine the gender of the word (which is pretty easy) and afterwards form the plural version.

If you're not sure you know how to figure out which word belongs to which gender, take a look at our blog post about general rules for noun gender in Croatian. And now you can test yourself with these simple exercises! :-) 

1. Exercise: Write the plural version of each noun

sestra - sister   Answer sestre

energija - energy   Answer energije

pivo - beer   Answer piva

brod - boat   Answer brodovi

nebo - sky   Answer neba

muzej - museum   Answer muzeji

prozor - window   Answer prozori

majka - mother   Answer majke

pas - dog  

stolica - chair   Answer stolice

sunce - sun   Answer sunca

nož - knife   Answer noževi

trg - square   Answer trgovi

dijete - child   Answer djeca

pjesma - song   Answer pjesme

koncert - concert   Answer koncerti

policajac - policeman   Answer policajci

miš - mouse   Answer miševi

brat - brother   Answer braća

susjeda - neighbour (f)   Answer susjede

vino - wine   Answer vina

muškarac - man   Answer muškarci

profesorica - professor (f)   Answer profesorice

učenik - student (m)   Answer učenici

sok - juice   Answer sokovi

juha - soup   Answer juhe

liječnik - doctor   Answer liječnici

mobitel - cell phone   Answer mobiteli


2. Exercise: Write the plural version of the marked nouns

Moja sestra ima prijateljicu.   Answer Moje sestre imaju prijateljicu. (My sisters have a friend.)

Brat želi pivo.   Answer Braća žele pivo. (The brothers want a beer.)

Susjed vidi mačku.   Answer Susjedi vide mačku. (The neighbours see a cat.)

Most je velik.  Answer Mostovi su veliki. (The bridges are big.)

Nož je u kuhinji.  Answer Noževi su u kuhinji. (The knives are in the kitchen.)

Amerikanac je student.   Answer Amerikanci su studenti. (The Americans are students.)

Pas voli jesti.   Answer Psi vole jesti. (The dogs love to eat.)

Soba je čista.   Answer Sobe su čiste. (The rooms are clean.)





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