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About our
language school

Školica is a language school dedicated to the Croatian language.

We’re a team of 8 teachers (and 2 managers), passionate about teaching Croatian, and for 12 years that’s what we’ve been doing!

During that time we’ve taught over 1500 students, from all over the world, at all levels, from absolute beginner to near fluency.


Meet the Školica team

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Lidija Ban Matovac
Lidija Ban Matovac
Lidija has been with Školica since January 2017 and lives and works in Zagreb. She teaches individual and group lessons, primarily in English, and also works as our learning coordinator for English-language students.

She has a MA in Croatian language, literature and librarianship and in 2018 received her PhD from the University of Zagreb. She has many years' of experience teaching Croatian as a second and foreign language.
For Lidija, the feeling of teaching someone to express themselves in a foreign language is a special and beautiful feeling, while the biggest challenge for her personally is helping a beginner get to the level where they can make simple conversation.
In her spare time Lidija likes travelling, swimming, gardening and baking pastries. She also loves music and film festivals, watching old black and white movies, hazelnuts and taking care of her plants at home.
Andrea Galiot
Andrea Galiot
Andrea has been with Školica since November 2019 and lives and works near Osijek. She teaches individual and group lessons in English.

She holds an MA in Hungarian (translation studies) and Croatian language and literature (educational studies) from the University of Osijek and has also completed the Pedagogical, Psychological, Didactic and Teaching Methodology Training Programme.
Andrea wanted to be a teacher since first grade, and even played teacher with her stuffed toys. A love of how the Croatian language works inspired her to teach Croatian.
She loves to read and take care of her plants, which is particularly challenging living in a loft apartment. Her hidden talent is the ability to eat more than 2 kilos of strawberries a day.
Maja Jukić
Maja Jukić
Maja has been teaching for Školica since 2018, and is based in the Croatian capital, Zagreb. She teaches groups and individuals in both English and German.

She earned a MA in Philosophy and Croatian Language and Literature from the University of Zagreb and is currently enrolled in postgraduate studies in the field of Drama Pedagogy.
Her passion is theatre and she believes that drama can open up new ways of communicating one’s views. Consequently she's forever keen to find new ways of apply drama methodology when teaching Croatian as a second language.
Her hidden talent is playing the piano, having attended music school for several years. She likes to watch movies, theatre shows and good series.
Karla Miklečić
Karla Miklečić
Karla started teaching online for Školica in 2021 and is based in Zagreb. She teaches individual lessons in English and German.

Currently she works in our team as a part-time teacher while completing her studies in Sociology.
Karla enjoys teaching, and feels that teaching foreigners to speak Croatian plays a valuable role in preserving Croatian cultural heritage. She loves that people are interested in learning about something with which she identifies so personally. In addition she loves to learn from other people and get to know different cultures.
Karla loves to dance, particularly tango and salsa, and she also trains in thai boxing, recently earning second place in her category at the state championships. She likes to read and is often to be found borrowing something new to read from her local library. She attended drama classes in the Zagreb Youth Theatre and in her free time she also likes to act.
Anđela Štajcer
Anđela Štajcer
Anđela joined the Školica team in 2019 and is based in Slavonski Brod, to the east of Croatia. She teaches group and individual lessons in English.

Anđela has an MA in Croatian language and literature and Hungarian language and literature from the University of Osijek. She speaks four languages (Croatian, English, Hungarian and some German) and in the past has worked as a Croatian, Hungarian and English teacher.
She loves to work with foreigners because it gives her the chance to meet different and interesting people. Taking an individual approach to every student suits her personality and she likes to adjust her approach to each student's needs.
Anđela likes to travel, learn languages and meet new people, she's a big movie fan and loves to watch all sorts of movies.
Katarina Šapina
Katarina Šapina
Katarina has been with Školica since March 2019 and is based near Osijek in Slavonia county. She teaches individual lessons in German.

She has an MA in German language and literature (translation studies) and Croatian language and literature (educational studies), and has also completed the Pedagogical, Psychological, Didactic and Teaching Methodology Training Programme.
For Katarina life just happens, and this applies too to her becoming a teacher: after discovering a passion for teaching she has been doing so ever since. She loves teaching Croatian because she finds it interesting to see how foreigners learn Croatian.
In her free time she learns languages, takes long walks and watches comedies and series.
Barbara Škvorc
Barbara Škvorc
Barbara has been with Školica since November 2018 and is based near Čakovec in Međimurje county. She teaches individual and group lessons, primarily in German, and also works as our learning coordinator for German-language students.

She has an MA in German and Polish language and literature. She speaks fluent German, English and Polish and sees herself working with languages forever!
Among her diverse interests: she has been signed up as a volunteer fire fighter since she was a little girl, she after passing several exams is officially a first-class firewoman. She has danced in folklore groups, sung in a choir and been active with many local activities.
When she isn’t fighting fires, dancing, singing, organising, or teaching she likes being with friends and engaging in the Croatian national pastime: drinking coffee on a terrace.
Viktorija Vidović
Viktorija Vidović
Viktorija became part of the Školica team in 2021 and is based in Vrbovec, just outside Zagreb. She teaches individual lessons in English.

Currently Viktorija works in our team as a part-time teacher while completing her studies in Primary studies and English language at the Faculty of Teacher Education.
She enjoys teaching as a way of sharing knowledge and playing a role in the process of others improving their knowledge. She has prior experience of teaching foreign languages and is currently working on her thesis which focuses on learning Croatian as a foreign language. Besides that, she is interested in teaching Croatian as a foreign language to kids.
Viktorija also attended music school and plays the piano, loves to read, enjoys traditional Croatian dancing as part of a Zagreb folklore ensemble and likes acting.

What does the name “Školica” mean?

Školica means “little school” in Croatian. The name was chosen back in 2009 when the “school” was still just one person. Although we’ve grown since then, the name continues to capture the closeness and personal nature of our team and school.

How do we teach?

We take what we do seriously, here a few points on our approach to teaching:


All of our teachers have studied languages (or education) at university level and are fluent in English and/or German. Most of our teachers work full-time for Školica, while several work part-time while completing their university studies.


We create our own teaching materials and try to make the learning experience as interactive as possible with lots of exercises, dialogues and examples. Our emphasis is on communication and on how to speak Croatian in different situations.


Students learn quicker by hearing as much Croatian as possible. Whether you have prior knowledge or not you’ll hear/speak Croatian in your lessons from the start. You'll be amazed how much you can communicate after just a few lessons!


We are constantly developing and evolving our methods and approach. We respond to the needs of our students, adjust our program to their goals and are grateful for their suggestions and ideas. All of our methods & materials follow the CEFR.

The history of Školica


Školica founded with group/individual lessons

First website launched at skolica.de


Move to dedicated premises in Munich

First teacher hired


First language holiday in Crikvenica

Started individual lessons online


Website relaunch/rebrand as learncroatian.eu


Move base of operations to Zagreb


Became a purely “online” language school


Introduce online “drop-in” group lessons

Third website launched (this one!)


Started online group semester courses

years teaching
since 2009
in our team
language taught

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