Lesson scheduling & pricing

Scheduling your lessons

We're happy to help you plan the number and frequency of your online lessons:

  • Each online lesson lasts 60 minutes and we generally suggest 1-2 lessons per week
  • You should plan another hour of your own time between lessons to study and complete homework
  • Typically it takes an absolute beginner about 20 lessons to reach A1 level

How much do lessons cost?

Prices are calculated per 60-minute lesson and include all learning materials.

Following your trial lesson*, payment is made in advance, either by bank transfer or PayPal. 

*If you decide not to continue with your lessons, your trial lesson is free. However, if you decide to continue with your lessons, that first lesson will count towards your first lesson package.

The price per lesson depends on how many lessons are booked at once:

  • Regular prices
    €25.50 (approx. US$27.60) per hour when booking less than 15 lessons
    €19.50 (approx. US$21.10) per hour when booking 15 or more lessons

  • Starter package
    New students can book an initial block of 5 lessons at the lower price of €19.50 (approx. US$21.10) per hour, so that's a total of €97.50 (approx. US$105.70) for the first 5 online lessons.

Cancellation and rescheduling

As long as you let your teacher know at least 24 hours in advance, you won't be charged for cancellation. Your teacher will be happy to reschedule to a new time that suits you both.

Sign up for a free online trial lesson!

By scheduling a free trial lesson you have the opportunity to find out more about the features of our online course. You can see the virtual classroom and meet your teacher in person, whereby you can find out whether online lessons suit you.

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