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zagreb squareThe city of Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia, with over 790.000 inhabitants.

The history of Zagreb goes back many centuries, but it was in 1094 when the name Zagreb was first mentioned. That happened when the Hungarian king Ladislaus founded the diocese in Zagreb at the Kaptol.

In Zagreb, you can find a nature reserve in the Medvednica mountain, which is not far away from the city centre. Also, make sure not to miss the view of the entire city from the Strossmayer promenade in the uptown of Zagreb. From there you can easily walk down to one of many theaters, which represent the cultural and artistic side of Zagreb.

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Finding accommodation

zagreb fountain

We don’t provide accommodation for our students in Zagreb, but there are over 1000 properties to choose from. Classes will take place right in the city centre (Google Maps), here is a list of a few useful websites to make your search easier.


There are more than plenty hotels listed in Zagreb and the surrounding area. To find an affordable accomodation, we personally always check Booking.com first. 


If you prefer to cook and have a place completely to yourself, there are a lot of apartments in Zagreb available to rent on websites like Airbnb.com. If you want to book an apartment directly, the Tourist Information Center in Zagreb offers a lot of choices!


There are more than 30 hostels in Zagreb! You can book them directly or search for an available accommodation through Hostelworld.