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With our unique combination of individual and group lessons you can easily learn Croatian from the comfort of your own home.

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Language Holidays in Croatia

Language Holidays in Croatia

Our week-long language holidays in Zagreb and on the Croatian coast combine language learning with tourist activities.

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Croatian Learning Tools

Croatian Learning Tools

Test & improve your language skills. We've created a series of online language tools to help you learn Croatian.

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Croatian language courses for beginners & advanced learners

Croatian Language Course Online

Školica is a language school dedicated to the Croatian language, which has been offering Croatian language courses for beginners and advanced learners since 2009. In our teaching approach for Croatian we put special emphasis on a positive and productive learning environment, furthermore, we communicate in Croatian in all our Croatian courses from the very beginning. Since 2014 you can learn Croatian online with Školica and be taught live by trained native speakers.

Croatian Language Course Language Holiday

In addition, we at Školica offer exclusive language holidays in Croatia four times a year. The 7-day language courses in Zagreb and on the Adriatic coast combine 20 hours of lessons and tourist activities with holidays in Croatia. Lesson topics are always practice-oriented in small groups with a maximum of 10 participants. Our Croatian teachers are all Croatian native speakers who studied - or are studying - languages.

Croatian Language Course Free Tools

In addition to our live language courses, on our website we provide you with a free Croatian grammar trainer as well as a free Croatian vocabulary trainer - tools to help you further improve and regularly train your Croatian. If you are already an advanced learner of Croatian, you can test how good your Croatian already is with our free Croatian placement test - it only takes 15 minutes to fill out.

Our Teaching Approach

We work hard to create a positive, productive learning environment, whether we're teaching online or during our language holidays in Croatia.

Learning a language should be fun, and a positive group atmosphere plays a large role in learning success.

In all of our teaching the following underlying principles apply:

  • Wherever possible you will be assigned a teacher who speaks your native language
  • We communicate with students in Croatian from the very first lesson
  • We teach in small groups to encourage student interaction

Communicating in Croatian

Regardless of whether you have prior knowledge or not - if you book a Croatian language course with Školica, all of your lessons will be in Croatian from the very start.

Our experience has shown that students learn quickest by hearing as much Croatian as possible.

Our teachers will use a variety of teaching techniques - including acting, drawing or singing - to assist your success in your learning experience. You'll be amazed at how much you can communicate in Croatian after just a few lessons!

Reasons to sign up for a Croatian course

Why choose to learn Croatian? Good question!

Here are the five reasons most commonly given by our students for choosing to sign up for a Croatian Course:


Your boyfriend or girlfriend comes from Croatia and you want to impress (and understand) their family!


You plan to travel to Croatia on holiday - or have done so in the past - and have discovered a passion for the country and it's culture.


Your family originate from Croatia and you would like to learn - or improve your knowledge of "our" language.


You need to learn Croatian for your work, because your job requires that you travel to Croatia regularly or manage Croatian clients.

Just for fun!

You're simply a naturally curious person who enjoys learning new languages!

A first taste of the Croatian language

To get a first taste of the Croatian language before you book your Croatian course, we have compiled a list of common words with audio examples for absolute beginners:

– yes

– no

– thank you

– please

–hi or bye

–you're welcome (informal)

– you're welcome (formal)


– excuse me (informal)

– excuse me (formal)

– Good morning!

– Good day!

– Good evening!

– Goodbye!

Online Lessons

With Školica you can learn Croatian online from the comfort of your own home.

Sign up for a free trial lesson and learn more about our how we teach!

Upcoming Language Holidays

Language Holiday Šibenik (Spring)
22.5.21 - 28.5.21

Language Holiday Pula (Summer)
31.7.21 - 6.8.21

Language Holiday Zagreb (Advent)
4.12.21 - 10.12.21

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