The accusative case (used without prepositions)

The accusative case in Croatian

The accusative (akuzativ) is the most commonly used case in Croatian. When used without prepositions, it describes an object of an action, direct or indirect.

For example, a noun is in the accusative case whenever:

Whenever you're asking for something
For example:
Kavu, molim – Coffee, please
 Sendvič, molim – Sandwich, please

Whenever you're talking about the object of your actions
For example:
 Pijem vodu - I'm drinking water
 Slušam radio - I'm listening to the radio

The accusative case is declined as follows:

  Muški rod
Ženski rod
Srednji rod
Nominativ prozor (window)
susjed (neighbour)
stolica (chair)
mačka (cat)
stablo (tree)
kazalište (theatre)
Accusative e.g. vidim (I see)
e.g. vidim (I see)
e.g. vidim (I see)
Nominativ  prozori
Accusative e.g. vidim (I see)
e.g. vidim (I see)
e.g. vidim (I see)

*This change only applies to masculine nouns which denote living beings (i.e. people and animals). These nouns receive the ending -a in the accusative case.

Exercise: How would you say the following in Croatian?

Water, please  Answer Vodu, molim

A pizza, please  Answer Pizzu, molim

A menu, please  Answer Jelovnik, molim

I see a car  Answer Vidim auto

I see a woman  Answer Vidim ženu

I see a (female) teacher  Answer Vidim učiteljicu

I see a (male) teacher  Answer Vidim učitelja

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