How to understand a weather forecast in Croatia?

How to understand a weather forecast in Croatia

In this blog post you can learn about the weather and what words are used to describe it in Croatian. You can look up the basic vocabulary for weather in our blog.

The following expressions will definitely be of help during your next stay in Croatia. For instance, if you are talking to another person and you end up suffering through some awkward silence, you can always discuss the weather! :)

Examples from the radio and TV

In order to carry on a conversation, we have prepared a small overview of the most common terms used in a weather forecast. We divided them into three categories (noun, verb, adjective), so you can easily remember them:




The sun is shining.

It's sunny.


(naoblačiti se)

It clouded over in five minutes!

Today it's cloudy.



It's been raining the whole day!

This morning is rainy.



It snows every winter.

It's snowy the whole weekend.



It's foggy this morning .



The wind blows strong.

It's windy by the sea.

There are additional words or phrases which can be used as well. Since some of those are adjectives, it is important to have prior knowledge of forming adjectives according to the three grammatical categories. Here is the wordlist:

→ overcast

→ inland

→ morning temperature

→ day temperature

→ temperature

→ mostly

→ weak

→ strong

→ degree

→ severe weather

→ low

→ high

→ hot

→ cold

→ storm

If you're already learning vocabulary to understand weather forecasts, it will probably also come in handy to learn something about telling the time in Croatian.

Once you've mastered this set of words you'll find a whole host of other Croatian vocabulary groups here. Challenge yourself and test your knowledge! :)

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Weather Forecast

Exercise: Do you know how to say these words in Croatian?

Yesterday it was cloudy and raining. → Answer Jučer je bilo oblačno i kišilo je.

This weekend it will be mostly sunny inland. → Answer Ovaj vikend će biti pretežno sunčano u unutrašnjosti.

There are no clouds at sea today. → Answer Na moru danas nema oblaka na nebu.

The wind blows strong and cold. → Answer Vjetar puše jako i hladno.

Tomorrow there will be a storm and it will thunder! → Answer Sutra će biti nevrijeme i grmit će!

This summer is very hot. → Answer Ovo ljeto je jako vruće.

The temperature is very high. → Answer Temperatura je jako visoka.

It will snow a lot on Friday. → Answer U petak će jako sniježiti.

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