Days of the week in Croatian

Days of the week in Croatian

One of the first things to learn in Croatian are the names of the days of the week.

As with most languages, the name of each day in Croatian has a meaning still clearly connected to the etymology of the word.

– Monday
Meaning: “the day which follows nedjelja“

– Tuesday
Source: from an old Slavic word which meant “second”

– Wednesday
Meaning: “the middle day”

– Thursday
Meaning: “the fourth day“ ( – four)

– Friday
Meaning: “the fifth day“ ( – five)

– Saturday
Source: from the word “Shabbat”.

– Sunday
Meaning: “day with no work”

A couple of interesting asides ...

  • It's not uncommon for Croatian kids to mistakenly refer to (Saturday) as “šestak” ( – six) when they first learn the days of the week.
  • Above we've listed the days of the week beginning with Sunday, however it's worth noting that in Croatia the first day of the week is typically considered to be Monday.
  • Unlike with English/German, in Croatian the days of the week are not capitalised, except when used at the beginning of a sentence.

Talking about the days of the week in Croatian

Talking about a specific day

To talk about doing something on a specific day of the week, the preposition u is used with the accusative case, for example:

– I’ll see you on Saturday.

– I’m playing tennis on Tuesday.

– I’m going to work on Thursday.

Talking about recurring events

When talking about reoccurring events which occur on the same day each week, the instrumental case is used, for example:

– We go to the cinema on Saturdays.

– I play tennis on Tuesdays.

– I work on Thursdays.

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Exercise: Some useful vocabulary to learn!

– now

– today

– yesterday

– day before yesterday

– tomorrow

– day after tomorrow

– this week

– next week

– last week

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