Basic Croatian vocabulary: Hotels & accommodation

Here you can learn some useful words and phrases in Croatian for when you're staying in a hotel.

Once you've mastered this set of words you'll find a whole host of other Croatian vocabulary groups here. We've done our best to illustrate the vocabulary visually where possible to help you memorise them and make learning a little bit more fun

Typical Croatian words used in a hotel

Hotel vocabulary in Croatian

... and some useful Croatian phrases

With the advent of online booking, organising a place to stay in a foreign country isn't quite as daunting as it once was, however below you'll find some useful phrases and vocabulary for asking about and booking accommodation in Croatia.

Exercise: How would you say the following in Croatian?

I need a room Answer Trebam sobu!

Single/double room Answer jednokrevetna/dvokrevetna soba

Apartment Answer apartman

Can you show me where my room is? Answer Možete li mi pokazati gdje je moja soba?

Excuse me, can I get the key? Answer Oprostite, mogu li dobiti ključ?

Where's the reception? Answer Gdje je recepcija?

When's breakfast/lunch/dinner? Answer Kada je vrijeme doručka / ručka / večere?

Could I order room service? Answer Mogu li naručiti poslugu u sobu?

When do I have to check out? Answer Kada se moram odjaviti?

Do you have an extra towel/bedsheet? Answer Imate li još jedan ručnik / plahtu?

Could I have the bill, please? Answer Mogu li dobiti račun, molim Vas?

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