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Course content is designed to be relevant to your holiday, so you'll learn how to order in a restaurant, ask for directions, or book a hotel. You can try out the phrases you learn in the morning around town in the afternoon!

Lessons are conducted primarily in Croatian, although our teachers are fluent in both English and German. This approach has proven to help students quickly get used to hearing and understanding basic Croatian.

We teach small groups with no more than 10 students to enable positive interaction and communication. Our teachers strive to keep the learning experience enjoyable and informal despite the intense nature of the course.

We aim to accommodate all language levels, with guaranteed courses for beginners (A1) and intermediate speakers (A2/B1). Where possible we also group advanced speakers (B2/C1/C2), depending on demand.

Our language holiday teachers

Jelena EggerstorferJelena Eggerstorfer

Jelena has been teaching in Munich since 2011. She completed her diploma at the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka. She teaches both Croatian and German, and is a qualified examiner for the B1 German examination "German for Immigrants".

Lidija Ban MatovacLidija Ban Matovac

Lidija has been teaching online for Školica since January 2017. She has a MA in Croatian language and literature and Librarianship in Osijek. She has diverse experience in teaching Croatian as a second and foreign language (from beginners to advanced level) in Croatia as well as abroad.

Mirjana BarovićMirjana Barović

Mirjana has been teaching for Školica online and in Croatia since 2015. She is currently studying for a MA in German language/literature, ethnology and cultural anthropology. She also teaches German and is fluent in Croatian sign language.

Renata MatićRenata Matić

Renata has been teaching for Školica since 2013, online and in Croatia. She has varied teaching experience and is currently enrolled in the MA program for Croatian and German Language and Literature.

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